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Important Information About Self Tanner Sun

From time immemorial basking in the sunlight has been the only method of getting a tan. Although this method resulted in an even tan which was equally enviable, it bore a lot of disadvantages. These disadvantages resulted in the need of having an alternative method of getting a tan and ultimately led to the development of the Self tanner sun lotion.

Everybody was shocked when scientists claimed that the sun was the major cause of the growing number of skin cancer cases. They described the Ultra Violet rays as harmful and recommended people to stop basking so as to reduce their chances of getting the feared disease in the name of tanning. This lead to a research for an alternative method of tanning and ultimately brought the Self tanner sun lotion forth.

On the contrary, basking could only be done in the summer which meant that a person could only have a glowing skin in one season in the entire year. It was also awfully time consuming since one had to bask in the sun for hours, risking getting sun burnt for that bronze skin tone. However efforts were put into an alternative and Self tanner sun lotion came forth to solve.

The result of the research for alternative methods of getting a tan led to the development of a number of products apart from the Self tanner sun lotion, they include self tan creams, pills and sprays. They all contain an active ingredient known as the dihydroxyacetone or commonly as DHA. However the Self tanner sun lotion is the most effective among the products.

DHA is basically a colorless sugar. It reacts with the amino acids present in the top most layer of the skin to produce a brownish color which becomes the new tone. Depending with the product used, it can last from three to ten days at most. Only the Self tanner sun lotion can last for up to ten days, this is one of the reasons of its superiority.

Although the use of chemicals for skin care is generally skeptical, DHA is as harmless as they come. Studies from reputable institutions such as the Skin Cancer Foundation and the American Academy of Dermatology have proved that DHA is a suitable alternative for UV rays. Unless used improperly, neither the DHA nor the Self tanner sun lotion itself is likely to harm you physically.

There is an advantage to using the Self tanner sun lotion. Apart from achieving its intended purpose, the Self tanner sun lotion also takes care of your skins well being by nourishing and revitalizing it. Using the Self tanner sun lotion also hydrates the skin and makes it more elastic. This promises a healthy glow the whole year round for the person who uses it regularly. Most users of these products give positive reviews after use.

Do not risk being stricken with diseases or even wrinkles by choosing the wrong method for tanning your skin. Self tanner sun lotion is entirely harmless and by using it you only stand a chance to gain. Unlike the other products and sun tanning, this method will rid you of all shortcoming and will ensure that you attain that fully natural glow you so deserve.

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